Every person has their own unique style, tastes, and preferences. When designing your home and choosing the housewares that lie throughout your kitchen, bath, and bedroom, you may think sticking to a single theme or motif is important, that consistency is crucial when it comes to interior design. Today, we want to flip that thought on its head and stress the idea that variety, unique textures, and complex art are quintessential when it comes to your home decor items. No, you don’t have to match your housewares to one another, but instead you should embrace different items and complex texture art when choosing the items you use throughout your home.


Always a Conversation Piece

Whether you are hosting a dinner party or have a relative coming to stay with you, it can be common to either run out of conversational topics or fall victim to any and all aspects of your life coming under scrutiny. When you fill your home with pieces that were made through custom fabrication artistry, you give your guests items they simply cannot ignore. Whether they are perplexed by the round sticky tray you used to carry out cocktails after dinner or are enthralled by the gem lamp you have in the living room, you will have countless avenues to discuss. From why you chose the design, to the artist, to what makes that piece fit in your home, a studio-quality texture art piece will leave a lasting impression.

Texture Leads to Utility

When experimenting with different textures, you may find that a certain design or pattern fits your likes and needs better than others. Maybe you want to upgrade your roller to use after a hard workout and have found the smooth variety does nothing to help your recovery. Using a variety of dome-shaped bumps along with the cylindrical base, Fproduct’s RolPal may serve you better than any generic foam roller. This texture art also has utility for the user, which may not be as easy to find in a 2D work. No, this different piece covered in texture and fabricated with you in mind may look different from the rest of your gym equipment, but it makes a statement while also serving you better than any alternative.


Make the Room Pop

Anyone can hang a classic black clock with a white back on their wall or choose a common clay planter for a houseplant. Why have a clock that matches the dining table and the couches when you could have a bright red planet clock that makes its presence known and never stops? Rather than housing your plant in the same pot as everyone else, utilizing a planter with abstract texture like Fproduct’s plantures gives you options and vibrancy for even the most basic plant. Unique, contemporary furniture and decor accents are crucial for making your home look its best. Don’t be afraid to take a step out of the box: normal is boring and Fproduct combats that.

Forget matching color schemes and housewares that come from the same product line. With the quality artistic designs produced by Fabrice Covelli, you can rest assured that any piece you choose will fit your lifestyle and fashion. Browse through the wonderful collection of products or drop by the studio to find the next great art piece for your home today.