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Fabrice Covelli

I grew up in a small village near Dijon, France. My father was a farmer and I spent most of my childhood helping with the farm work. When I was 17, I started working in building construction and did so for several years. Through these two experiences, I learned how to make and repair almost anything. Working in building construction also provided numerous opportunities to creatively experiment in making artistic 3-dimensional forms. It was at this time that I discovered my true passion: visual arts. At 23 I started art studies in Fine Art schools (Montpellier, then Toulouse and Strasbourg) to further my understanding of all 2 and 3-dimensional art forms. After school, I professionally worked in Strasbourg doing sculpture, graphic design, calligraphy, museography, and object design.

In 1999, I moved to New York to assist a renowned Italian designer/architect. I helped him to experiment with new materials and develop product prototypes. After 2 years, I left this position to work with other design companies and artists and continued to pursue my own art and design projects. Since then I have produced a wide body of work in fine art (see, and design (see