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Hello! Thank you for checking out my blog. Here’s my 2020 update on new products.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic brought many challenges home and financial challenges, the Fproduct studio was able to stay operational. Fabrice Covelli would bike to his studio and work alone; as a result, he was able to add new designs to his growing product line.

Fabrice applied his “mold making magic” to create a new series of hand-cast concrete “Planture.” Each new Planture has a unique texture and exquisite surface finish.

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May the forces of nature be with us!

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Fabrice Covelli loves making art that is functional and inspired by Mother Nature. In his quest to bring together these interests, he created in the spring of 2016 a functional sculpture that re-imagines an everyday object with an exciting and innovative texture that invokes the sensual desire to feel and touch it.

This planter/sculpture, or Planture, is hand-cast in a Silicone mold, with specially formulated concrete that makes it extremely strong, durable and water resistant. The inch-tall legs allow air circulation between the planter and the table surface, thus eliminating the risk of surface damage or the need for a protective plate.

This stylish planter is ideal for plants and flowers in either soil, sand or water.

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Please come visit our studio on Saturday and Sunday, May 14 and 15, 2016 from 1pm to 6pm. And use this opportunity to visit more than 75 other artist studios during the “Industry City Open Studio” event.

It will be a perfect opportunity for you to see the workspace and discuss our latest works.

Fproduct/Fabrice Covelli studio is located on the 5th floor of building 4C at 88, 35th Street – BK NY 11232

See you there!

(general info on the event:

Views of the showroom



Below is a description of Fproduct’s process for developing the “Canopy” 3-D Organic Design.

Step 1 – Cut a handful of small, carefully selected branches from a tree (morning)

Step 2 – Lay them out in a creative, planned pattern (afternoon)

Step 3 – Cast a silicone mold (early evening)

Step 4 – Un-mold and cast the first model in resin (late evening)

Step 5 – Sleep

Step 6 – Wake Up

Step 7 – Un-mold (early next morning)

Step 8 – Voila…done! Arrange to form a repeating pattern…no touch-ups needed. This is real, handcrafted 3-D you can touch and feel…nothing digital or artificial.

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Fproduct advanced mold making skills were recently sought to complete a 6 window Christmas Holiday display for Macy’s flagship department store (Herald Square, Manhattan).

This year’s theme “Dream…and Believe” depicted a young boy’s dream of the magic and wonder of Christmas that include the fabrication of 25 ice crystal-like forest animals (1 Bear, 2 Deers with antler, 1 Doe, 4 Squirrels, 4 Foxes, 6 Rabbits, 6 Birds and 1 Owl), which were all completed within 2-month period. The molds and castings of the pieces were made using the most rigorous processes to ensure detailed perfection with every item.

Macy’s Christmas Holiday windows this year was awarded the prestigious DDI (Display & Design Idea) magazine’s award for best christmas windows of the city

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Renowned Chef Marcus Samuelsson recently joined the American Table Café and Bar, which is located at the Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall in Manhattan, NY. To mark the event, the architecture firm Diller Scofidio + Renfro (DS+R) renovated the restaurant’s interior and exterior.

Fproduct, Inc., in collaboration with DS+R, was commissioned to design and produce six outdoor cushions for the cafe’s exterior stone plaza using Fproduct’s innovative Gel Pal material. The rectangular silicone gel cushions have a slim vertical extension for stability and can comfortably accommodate two individuals. The vibrant orange color of the gel cushions also aesthetically complements the interior renovations, thus creating a visual link with the cafe.

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Fproduct is pleased to announce the successful completion of a collaborative project with Rem Koolhaas, the founder of OMA.

Fproduct helped to design and custom-build 21, illuminated exterior seating pods for the entrance of the new Milstein Hall, for the College of Architecture, Art and Planning (AAP) at Cornell University in Ithaca NY.

The light emitting exterior seating pods complement the overall building design and provides an interactive component that students love to use.


New York artists Fabrice Covelli and Eiji Sumi, together with special guest Decotone Surfaces held a joint “ICFF Connected” Design exhibition in May 2010 at the Salomon Art Gallery in TriBeCa. The stimulating and tactile exhibition entitled, “Limited Editions/Unlimited Design” showcased their latest work in housewares, furniture, lighting and texture design.

View the YouTube video of the opening night reception here.

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One of the most successful applications of the Soligem material is the Bubble Soap Dish, designed and fabricated by fPRODUCT in Brooklyn, NY. Colorful and playful, the whimsical design of the Bubble Soap Dish belies its strength, resilience, and practicality.

The Bubble Soap Dish was sold in the MoMA Design Store for two years. See

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In May 2009, Fabrice Covelli presented a series of innovative lamp designs in an art and light installation with two other artist/designers (Eiji Sumi and Tomohiro Kato) at the Salomon Arts Gallery, located in Tribeca, Manhattan.