Fabrice Covelli


I grew up in a small village near Dijon, France. My father was a farmer and I spent most of my childhood working on the farm. When I was 17, I left farm work to do building construction. Through these two experiences, I learned how to make and repair almost anything.  Working in building construction also provided numerous opportunities to creatively experiment in making artistic 3-dimensional forms. It was at this time that I discovered my true passion: visual arts. I decided to go to a Fine Art school (first in Montpellier, then Toulouse and Strasbourg) to further my understanding of 2 and 3-dimensional art forms. After school, I professionally worked in Strasbourg doing sculpture, graphic design, calligraphy, museography, and object design.

In 1999, I moved to New York to assist a renowned Italian designer/architect. I helped him to experiment with new materials and develop product prototypes. After 2 years, I left this position to work with other design companies and artists and continued to pursue my own art and design projects. Since then I have produced a wide body of work in fine art (see www.fabricecovelli.com), and design (see www.fproduct.net).

Through research and experimentation I have developed innovative 3-Dimensional textures for various commercial applications, furniture, houseware, and lighting. Examples of these designs and their applications have been published in Material libraries around the world and specialized magazines, which include:


  • Interior Trend book 2009 (By IMM Cologne – Germany – 2009)
  • Material Index 09 (by Materia – NL – 2009)
  • Interiors Trend Book 2009 (by Milou Ket Styling & Design – NL – 2009)
  • Material Matter 3 (by Material Connexion – US – 2009)
  • Ultra Materials (by Material Connexion – US – 2008)
  • Transmaterial 2 (by Blaine Brownell – US -2008)


  • Ia & B (December 2008 – India)
  • Interior Design (April 08 – US)
  • Grand Design (April 08 – UK)
  • Diseno Interior (January 08 – Spain)
  • Pasajes Construccion (September 07 – Spain)
  • FX Magazine (July 07 – UK)
  • Oficinas (June 07 – Spain)
  • Element Of Living (June 06 – US)

Material Libraries

  • Material Connexion (New York, Cologne, Bangkok, Milan and Daegu)
  • Material Explorer (Netherlands)
  • SCIN (London)

Other Media

French Creative Connection

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