Macy’s Christmas Holiday Window-2013

Fproduct advanced mold making skills were recently sought to complete a 6 window Christmas Holiday display for Macy’s flagship department store (Herald Square, Manhattan).

This year’s theme “Dream…and Believe” depicted a young boy’s dream of the magic and wonder of Christmas that include the fabrication of 25 ice crystal-like forest animals (1 Bear, 2 Deers with antler, 1 Doe, 4 Squirrels, 4 Foxes, 6 Rabbits, 6 Birds and 1 Owl), which were all completed within 2-month period. The molds and castings of the pieces were made using the most rigorous processes to ensure detailed perfection with every item.

Macy’s Christmas Holiday windows this year was awarded the prestigious DDI (Display & Design Idea) magazine’s award for best christmas windows of the city

download - 2023-03-28T130858.184.jpeg