canopy-blue-36x36-webFROM NATURE TO TEXTURE IN 24 HOURS:

Below is a description of FProduct’s process for developing the “Canopy” 3-D organic design.

Step 1 – Cut a handful of small, carefully selected branches from a tree (morning)

Step 2 – Lay them out in a creative, planned pattern (afternoon)

Step 3 – Cast a silicone mold (early evening)

Step 4 – Un-mold and cast theĀ first model in resin (late evening)

Step 5 – Sleep

Step 6 – Wake Up

Step 7 – Un-mold (early next morning)

Step 8 – Voila…done! Arrange to form a repeating pattern…no touch-ups needed. This is real, handcrafted 3-D you can touch and feel…nothing digital or artificial.